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Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds

  • Rich Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds.
  • Are you having a bad day? Sick of everything? Tired of being cooped up?
  • These Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds will definitely put a smile back on your face.
  • Milk Chocolate wrapped around glazed almonds and tumbled to chocolaty perfection.
  • Rich milk chocolate ladled onto carmelized almonds and tumbled to chocolaty perfection.
  • The Chocolate Cartel along with Made in New Mexico are committed to local New Mexico partnerships.
  • The Chocolate Cartel's products are made by people, not machines; and made in a kitchen, not a factory.
  • These Rich Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds are highly addictive.
  • You will wish you had ordered more!
  • The bag is 3.5 ounces (99 grams). The Ingredients are listed below.
  • This product contains Milk, Almonds, Soy.
  • From Made in New Mexico. Ships Next Business Day. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate (Unsweetened Chocolate, Sugar, Milk, Cocoa Butter.) Soy Lecithin, Pure Vanilla, Caramelized Almonds (Almonds, Vanilla Extract (Water, Alcohol (35%), Sugar, Vanilla Bean Extractives) Sugar, Powdered Sugar (Sugar, Corn Starch). Contains Milk, Almonds, Soy.

The Chocolate Cartel, we’re obsessed with one thing: Making the best tasting chocolate around. No fluff, no flair, just amazing recipes coupled with some of the finest cacao on the planet. We proudly put people to work, not machines, executing every step by hand.

We partner with many local, New Mexico True businesses including: Rasband Dairy, Los Poblanos, Villa Myriam, The Chile Guy, Mr. Moses, K&D Pecans, Heart of the Desert Pistachios, and more! The value that small business partnerships create for the local community its hugely important for keeping the New Mexico economy strong. By patroning a small business like ours, you can be confident that your money is staying in New Mexico!

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