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Hatch Green Chile Seeds

  • Green Chile Seeds straight from the Hatch New Mexico Chile farmer to your garden.
  • These seeds are Non-GMO.
  • Packet contains 30 seeds. Medium heat level.
  • The packet includes growing instructions, more instructions are also below.
  • Get ready for a huge crop of Hatch Green Chile!
  • Please note, we do not ship seeds internationally.
  • From Made in New Mexico. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Ships Next Business Day.

Hatch Green Chile Capsicum annuum This variety is Agco Fire Green. (75 days) It is improved through selection for uniform set, flavor and easy machine harvesting. These seeds are Non-GMO. It is field grown near Hatch, NM and sold as ‘Hot’. Peppers are 7" long on productive 30” plants. Easy to Grow. Hatch Chile is not an actual variety, but is a term used to describe peppers of several different varieties grown in the area. Actual variety names might include "Big Jim", "Joe Parker", "Sandia Hot", and others. The Hatch Chile Festival occurs every Labor Day. This event attracts people world-wide to “The chile capital of the world”, in New Mexico.

Start seeds indoors 6 weeks prior to soil warming to 55°F. Transplant seedlings into rich well-draining soil 24” apart. Harvest the chile when they are deep green and firm or wait until they fully mature to red.

Heat Level: Medium Scoville 2000 to 4000, Packet contains 30 seeds.

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