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Western Trail Riding Saddle

  • We now have Western Trail Riding Saddles from John McKenna Saddlery!
  • John McKenna is a certified saddle fitter and leatherworks master.
  • Saddle maker John McKenna utilizes only the finest, highly sought-after durable leather for all his saddles.
  • McKenna Saddlery is located in Cerrillos, NM, on the Turquoise Trail Highway 14.
  • John currently fits in Santa Fe, New Mexico and serves clients worldwide!
  • This saddle is a Western Trail Riding Saddle with sheep's wool in the interior of the wide seat.
  • The Saddle is made with Herman Oak leather.
  • The Stirrups are Wyoming twist for reduced knee and ankle strain.
  • The fork or "swell" is a low moose for seat security so it's hard to come out of seat if horse bucks or falls.
  • The horn is a low Guadalara, which again is for security, and something wide to grab onto or to hang front saddle bags.
  • Bars on tree are semi quarter to fit most medium to wide horse backs.
  • The rigging is set at 7/8" again to cinch up on most horses.
  • John's custom-made, hand-crafted and intricately adorned equestrian works are all one-of-a-kind.
  • Each saddle is a unique piece of art that we are proud to offer you and to brand with the McKenna Saddlery name.
  • From Made in New Mexico. Ships Next Business Day. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

John McKenna Saddlery is a Certified Saddle Fitter. Currently fitting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Serving clients worldwide. John Mckenna loves his work because he loves horses and all that the equine world entails. He cares deeply and strives to always exceed hiscustomers' expectations.

CUSTOM-MADE FOR YOU AND YOUR HORSE. "We fit both Western and English riders and their horses through precise measurements. By looking at rider and horse, we take all aspects of the fit into account, so that both you and your horse can have a more comfortable ride."

Here are what others have to say about McKenna Saddlery:

Marie A. "Riding in Santa Fe, New Mexico I've had my McKenna trail saddle for one year, and it has taken me hundreds of miles. It fits my horse like a glove, so I don't have to ride with a super tight cinch. Plus, it's so comfortable, I never have to use a seat pad."

Cecilia K. "Riding in Pecos, New Mexico My saddle feels amazing!! Thank you! Mesa seemed really happy too. She was stretching down a lot more than usual so I think she’s more comfortable with it now."

McKenna Saddlery can work with you for any of your saddle or leatherworks needs. This includes saddle fitting, complete re-flock or flocking touchups, adjustments, leather accessories, patching, footwear, and more.

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