Sara Frances

Unplugged Voices by Sara Francis


After flirting with careers as an archaeologist, pilot, concert pianist, and diplomat, Sara settled on photographer after just a few months’ residence in Heidelberg, Germany, while studying for her Masters in Comparative Literature. She was captivated with the potential for personal interaction with people of a wide variety of cultural and social environments. Exploring the world of others—and being of lasting, valuable service to them by creating memories—was fire for her imagination. Now in her 50th professional year, she writes, designs, and publishes her special photojournalist book projects that combine imagery and text. She says her hybrid media approach weaves present with past inlayers over experience and understanding in a sort of sculptural time travel. The common thread is visual storytelling, centering on recording verbal narratives of the Southwest and West in general in a new form of experiential history and legacy. She tells amazing stories that otherwise would be lost to posterity.

Unplugged Voices: 125 Tales of Art and Life from Northern New Mexico, the Four Corners and the West is a 324-page, illustrated, four-color coffee table collection of verbal narratives, each in a 5-minute read. The diversity of the Four Corners and the West is authenticated by the range of these curated narratives and their storytellers. Artists of course, and people of letters—but also survivors, historians, seers, teachers, entrepreneurs, musicians, scientists, and advocates. Each chronicle is told by someone whose senses, emotions, and spirit were deeply moved, often over years of involvement, and who generously sought to record and share their journeys and anecdotes. These are formidable custodians of memory and adventure, significant observers that enlighten, illuminate, and animate the Western heritage that matters. Unplugged Voices is nominated for several content and design awards of the region. The Book is 12" by 10".

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