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Taos Honey Company Raw Whipped Honey

  • Taos Honey Company's Raw Whipped Honey.
  • This is whipped golden honey right from the hive!
  • Whipped and Amber honey are the same with different textures.
  • The Raw whipped honey is delicately smooth and spreadable.
  • Theres nothing added & nothing is taken away as the honeys are from the same hives.
  • It is gently mixed over a period of 5 days in a cold room.
  • The Raw Whipped honey is not pasteurized at high temperatures.
  • The honey temperatures are kept below 85 degrees Fahrenheit at all stages in the process, from the hive to the jar.
  • Taos Honey is another locally operated family farm business.
  • We have 10.5 ounce and 3 ounce jars available.
  • From Made in New Mexico. Ships Next Business Day. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Taos Honey is a family operated farm business, supporting healthy pollinator populations, beekeeping and thoughtful land stewardship in Northern New Mexico and the Upper Rio Grande river corridor.

In short, our Raw Whipped and Raw Amber are the same honey with a different texture. We use only raw crystallized honey in our cold process to achieve fine crystals for a coveted smooth texture. There is nothing added, nothing taken away and our honey is never pasteurized. Around the world people call it by many names- creamed honey, whipped honey, honey butter even spun honey

Taos Honey Company owner Mike McMannon first called Taos home in 1994. Mike purchased the Taos Honey Company after apprenticing for 3 years with the previous owner, Jason, hoping to spend more time with bees while creating an honest and fair job for himself and General Manager Jeffrey Vasquez. Mike was born and raised in Michigan. Starting in the ‘90s, he spent 17 years working as a wilderness ranger and backcountry mule packer for the Forest Service in Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico and California. During this time, he realized his spirit thrives when working in partnership with other species of creatures; he reckons that mules and bees are basically the same.

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