English Butter Toffee with Milk Chocolate

  • English Butter Toffee with Milk Chocolate from Tim & Larry's Elixir Boutique Chocolates. 
  • A buttery English Stle Toffee coated with marvelous milk chocolate.
  • These are Hand Crafted Artisan Style confections made in Albuquerque.
  • Tim & Larry use a very high milk chocolate. 
  • This is simply one of the best Toffees you will ever taste! 
  • You will definitely wish you had ordered more. 
  • The re-sealable plastic tub is approximately 4 ounces.
  • Ingredients: Sugar, butter, milk chocolate, corn syrup, vanilla, salt.
  • From Made in New Mexico. Ships Next business Day. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Tim & Larry's Elixir Boutique Chocolates has been making fine chocolates in Albuquerque, NM for over 20 years. Each flavor has been lovingly developed to produce a rich and creamy taste sensation and an incredible chocolate experience. Our confections are carefully hand crafted in the artisan style and our chocolate creations are made with the finest chocolate and the freshest ingredients available. NO preservatives are used, so keep refrigerated. For the best flavor, bring to room temperature before indulging. Some truffles have nuts, and all our truffles are crafted in a kitchen with nuts close by. Our chocolates are made entirely by hand using only the finest ingredients. You can spend more money on chocolates, but you can’t get a finer product from a small, independent producer!

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