Pete Ortega

Nativity by Peter Ortega

  • We now have a wonderful Large Nativity wood carving from the master Peter Ortega!
  • This piece is meticulously hand-carved, signed and dated by Peter Ortega.
  • A spectacular hand crafted work of art from New Mexico.
  • This is a one of a kind generational family heirloom piece.
  • Made out of cottonwood, pinon juniper, aspen and other native New Mexican wood. 
  • There are 6 sheep, 3 wise man, a shepherd, and 8 birds in the nativity.
  • The dimensions of the Peter Ortega large nativity are:
  • it is roughly 23" across or long, about 17" high to the top of the angel,
  • and around 18" wide front to back.  The base V shaped.
  • Peter Ortega is truly the master of the wood carving world! 
  • Talk about the best Christmas gift ever!
  • From Made in New Mexico. Ships Next Business Day. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Peter Ortega was born in Tesuque, New Mexico. His parents are the esteemed Santero Ben Ortega Sr. and Isabelle Ortega. He is of Spanish decent which is an important aspect of keeping the folk art tradition. Peter learned the ways of being a Santero from his late father over 45 years ago. Each piece of artwork starts with a piece of wood which he then becomes inspired to turn it into a masterpiece. Peter is proudly carrying on the Ortega family legacy of creating magnificent works of art that will last for generations to come.

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