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Hatch Hot Honey

  • Hatch Hot Honey from the Fresh Chile Company!
  • Another great product from the Fresh Chile Company!
  • This delightful new product is made by infusing real Sun-Dried Hatch Red Chile into 100% local (Mesilla Valley) honey from Clayshulte farms. 
  • This Hot Honey is thick and rich with just enough heat to make everything you put on just a little better! 
  • Try it on fried chicken, biscuits in the morning, or any kind of pizza.
  • Pour it over a block of cream cheese, or just eat it with a spoon. 
  • Spoon it on roasted chicken, eggs, and any of your savory dishes. 
  • You are going to love this honey that has just a little kick at the end.
  • This Hatch Hot Honey comes in a huge 16 ounce jar.
  • Ingredients: Honey, Red Jalapeno, Sun-Dried Red Chile, & Lime Juice.
  • From Made in New Mexico.  Ships Next Business day. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
For Randy and Carol McMillan Hatch Chile isn’t merely an ingredient in New Mexico, it’s a way of life. For four generations, fresh Hatch green and red chile have been a part of every meal for the McMillan family, with Randy running the kitchen where friends and family still gather weekly for fresh New Mexico hatch chile dishes! The Fresh Hatch Chile recipe started with Randy’s father, Arnold, who loved enchilada sauce so much that he experimented and perfected his recipes over many years of trial and error with his wife, Cheri. Now the recipe is Randy’s, and the McMillan family has become known for creating their fabulous Hatch chile sauces. Randy and his wife Carol started making thousands of jars of sauce for clients and friends as gifts, and after being asked for, even more, the decision was made to expand. The family recipe is now being made in a commercial kitchen, using only the freshest ingredients, including red and green chile from Hatch, New Mexico – the chile capital of the world!

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