#1 Ranked New Mexico Salsa & Chile Powder | Made in New Mexico

Hatch Red Chile Colorado

  • Hatch Red Chile Colorado is from Hatch, New Mexico.
  • This is absolutely great Red Chile straight from the Chile Capital of the world.
  • Red in Spanish can be either Rojo or Colorado.
  • 4 of the best varieties of Hatch Chile make up the heat levels:
  • New Mexico 6-4 Chile is the Mild,
  • Big Jim Chile is the Medium,
  • Sandia Chile is the Hot,
  • Lumbre Chile is the Extra-Hot.
  • The 16 oz jars are Gluten Free!
  • Ingredients: Water, Red Chile grown in Hatch, Salt, Garlic Powder, Sugar, Citric Acid (A natural derivative of lemon), Spices.
  • From Made in New Mexico, Ships Next Business Day, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Another staple of New Mexican cuisine is the Red Chile Sauce, also known as Chile Colorado. Red Chile is the sweeter, tangy, mature green chile plant. The green chile turns into red chile as it matures and is left on the plant over time. Green Chile is usually harvested in August, whereas, Red Chile is harvested in October. These mature red chile pods can be dried for storage or used fresh to create this gorgeous red chile sauce that can be used on almost any dish. Chile Colorado is a delectable stand alone sauce that can be used to create famous New Mexico Red Enchiladas, which can be stacked or rolled, or it can be incorporated to spice up any number of other meals like; burritos, tacos, hamburgers, spaghetti, lasagna, pizza, eggs, meatloaf, Posole or Menudo. We know you will love this delicious earthy sauce that is grown in Hatch, New Mexico, the Chile capital of the world!

Colorado means Red in Spanish. Colorado is more often used for expressions. Colorado has the meaning in Spanish of "colored red". The State of Colorado was named for the Colorado River, which Spanish travelers named the Río Colorado for the ruddy silt the river carried from the mountains.

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