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Geraint Smith Winter Greeting Card Box Set


One of Geraint Smith's earliest memories of photography dates back to when he was three years old. His dad began letting him carry the family Kodak Brownie Camera and occasionally even allowed Geraint to take a picture. He is originally fom Stanleytown in the Rhondda Valley, a coal mining community in South Wales. He developed a love for photography when he bought his first movie camera. In 1978, at the age of 22, Geraint moved to Los Angeles where he began to study cinematography and film, soon discovering that he preferred ‘still’ photography and chose to make it the medium of his expression.

While living in Los Angeles, he made several trips to Taos, New Mexico, visiting old friends and making new ones. He decided in 1988 to create a more serene living environment, moving to Taos, NM. Geraint Smith discovered living in the Southwest with its wide open spaces is just how much room there is to remember and rediscover the peace at the center of our souls. He states, "I have learned that the beauty all around me is a mirror of the vast beauty inside me ... much of which is still waiting to be explored".

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