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Chile Pepper Ristra Piquin OUT OF STOCK


Chile Pepper Ristra Piquin is the classic New Mexico symbol. Made only from the bright red fresh peppers grown for centuries in the Mesilla Valley region of southern New Mexico, home of the famous Hatch Chile. The Piquin Chile is used only for decoration and is not edible.Specially treated so that they won't drip dangerous chile juice, attract fruit flies, or become moldy. Unlike competitors' Ristras, you can hang ours inside without experiencing problems. Will last years longer than Ristras sold by competitors: Up to 5 years in dry climates, 2 years in humid climates. Topped with a corn husk for decoration. Includes a string loop which allows for easy hanging. Measures 12 to 14 inches long, plus the 3 to 4 inch corn husk cap. This Ristra is Not Edible.

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