The Definitive Red Chile Sauce Recipe!

(photo courtesy of The Definitive Red Chile Sauce Recipe! You can use Beef or Chicken stock in place of water in this recipe. My wife the chef most often does this and it makes everything taste that much better. Also one of our customers does the same thing with her recipes, thanks Vivian! Please enjoy! We get a lot of calls & emails simply asking "How do I make Red Chile Sauce?" or "What should I do with the Red Chile powder I ordered?' We've talked to expert New Mexico Chefs from Taos, Santa Fe, and Hatch who have given us the "secret" to making the perfect Red Chile sauce. When it gets close to boiling turn the heat down. Boiling or over heating will make your sauce taste bitter. Also when re-constituting dried Chile pods, never use the water you used to soften them up as that will also taste bitter. Hope this helps! Red Chile Sauce, Chile Colorado, Chile Rojo Ingredients: 3 Tbl Spoons Olive Oil or Shortening 1/2 cup Red Chile Powder 2 Tbl Spoons Flour 2 Cups water (beef or chicken stock) 1 Tsp Salt 1/2 Tsp Pepper 1/4 Tsp Cumin 1/2 Tsp Garlic Salt Directions: Use olive oil or melt shortening in a sauce pan, blend in flour and cook flour until light brown - approximately 4 minutes. Have your Red Chile powder already mixed with water. Add it to the flour over a low to medium heat. Chile powder burns easily so be careful with the heat levels. Cook to your desired consistency. Add salt, pepper,cumin, garlic salt & other spices according to taste. Click here to go to our Red Chile Powder page Click Here for the Red Chile Pods page Follow us to our blog to read more