How to make Fry Bread!

Feb 23, 2018
So we have had quite a few people ask about Fry Bread. Here is very nice & straight forward recipe by Janice Tenorio. The video is about 6 minutes long and there is text below. Thanks & Happy Fry Bread Friday! First of all you’ll need some flour, salt, baking powder, measuring cups, honey, sugar, and a big mixing bowl. First what we’ll do is take four cups of flour into the mixing bowl. Next we’ll take salt, depending on how much salt you want in your frybread, but I usually put in 3 teaspoons. And 3 teaspoons of baking powder leveled. You’ll mix it all together. You’re gonna make a well in the middle. After you make the well in the center, you get 2-3 cups of water, make sure it’s warm. Pour it in the well and mix it up, and you’ll feel the consistency of how much and how less you use the flour. You mix it with your hands; I like to use my hands. Make sure you get the sides. It’s okay if your dough becomes too wet, cuz then you can add more flour. So you really can’t go wrong with mixing the dough. Okay, this is the consistency of the dough that you want; kind of loose and soft. It might be a little sticky but don’t worry about that. Get a dry dish cloth and cover it for about 20-30min. Once your dough has risen, this is how it will look. What I do is get it out and make little balls. So I let them rise a little longer like 10-15 minutes more. You can then put them on a baking sheet. I have some right now that have risen. What I do for the frying part, I use a deep skillet pan or Dutch oven pan. Fill it with Great Value Vegetable oil or my all-time favorite is Snow Cap lard. We pretty much grew up on this lard and it’s the best. Put some in the pan, and let the oil melt. I usually put the stove on 8 to high. Let the grease melt and you want it to get really hot. BE CAREFUL, don’t let any children around, and be cautious when handling hot oil. Once the oil gets hot, get the dough, and shape it into a flat shape. You can use a rolling pin, or like I like to do, and was brought up doing, is to use my hands to stretch it out. Then you slap it between your hands and you can see it starts to stretch out. Kind of like how they make pizza dough. You can see how stretchy it gets. What I like to do is make a circle, a cut in in the center so air can get through it when it’s frying. So you don’t have a big’ol ball frybread puffing up when it starts to fry. Set it in there (the pan,) very carefully. Push down on the frybread, because it will start to puff up. You’ll start to see the brown on the edges or in the center; that’s the sign that you’ll need to flip over the frybread. The browness will pretty much tell you how long you keep it in there. It doesn’t take very long after that once your grease is very hot. Take it out of the grease, and let the excess oil come off. Place it on your platter or whatever you have to let it sit. Then you get next one ready. You do this until you’re all done with your dough.

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