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  • Check out our Safety Bundle.
  • Hopefully helping you to be a little more safe in these uncertain times.
  • Our Safety Bundle contains 3 wonderful products:
  • Our Turtle Mask sized in Medium,
  • Los Poblanos Lavender Hand Soap 12 oz. bottle,
  • Taos Herb Company's Hand Sanitizer in the 4 oz. bottle.
  • Ingredients, & more information are listed below. Please scroll down on this page.
  • From Made In New Mexico. Ships Next Business Day. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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  • Los Poblanos Lavender Hand Soap ingredients:
  • Made with five all-natural ingredients, including essential oil from certified organic Grosso Lavender that is grown and distilled.

  • Taos Herb Company's Hand Sanitizer Ingredients: 70% Isopropyl alcohol, Aloe vera, cellulose, Vitamin E, Thyme & Lavender.

  • These Susan Young Masks are completely re-washable & reusable.
  • The Masks are 100% cotton, pre-washed so they will not shrink.
  • Wash in hot water, hang to dry, then iron.

Susan Young is a designer specializing in beautifully made timeless clothing. Besides making masks Susan makes a line of fleece hats and accessories, and will do custom one-of a kind clothing for private clients. All of her fleece is 100% anti-pill polyester fleece in bright Southwestern, floral, and animal prints. Susan loves working with poly fleece - it's soft, warm, washable and available in many beautiful bright colors. Her fleece accessories are fashionable, practical, and affordable with the ease of being washable as well. Susan Young lives in Santa Fe, NM. Her mother taught her to sew when she was four years old. Susan also has a degree in Fashion Design from F.I.T. in NYC, and worked on Seventh Ave. in the garment district for several years as a designer and pattern maker. Susan developed her Wrap-A-Hat design in 1996 for her two year old son, and it was an immediate success with my other mom friends going on to work out more sizes and styles over the years. Her hats and other fleece accessories fit well, are fashionable, affordable, washable and long lasting. We hope you will become one of my long-time repeat customers and enjoy wearing Susan Young's creations as much as she enjoy making them.

Since 1984 the Taos Herb Company has manufactured hundreds of products from organic, sustainably wildcrafted superior quality herbs to help you explore natural healing options. From 1975 to 1993, Dr. Robert Hawley was a Taos Pathologist and Cardiologist. Dr. Hawley was a strong patient advocate. Also a storyteller, Dr. Hawley treasured the Taoseños (people who live in Taos) traditions of storytelling and folk healing and upheld these traditions as critical to patient well-being. While some doctors would have been skeptical about the use of herbal medicine and curanderismo (a form of folk traditional healing that includes herbal medicine, healing rituals, and spiritualism common in Hispanic-American communities, particularly in the southwestern United States), he saw it as a critical component to wellness and healing.

Organic lavender farming enables Los Poblanos to further their preservation mission by balancing their rich agricultural history with environmental concerns such as water conservation and soil structure. Los Poblanos uses a steam distillation process right on the farm to extract the essential oil and ensure absolute purity. The oil then goes into the line of artisan products and amenities at Los Poblanos Inn to offer their guests a deeply relaxing experience directly connected to the land itself.  Los Poblanos's dedication to lavender continually expands with more field space and special attention paid to utilizing the historic greenhouse for both year-round food sources and lavender propagation. Their farmers’ focus is on creating a Grosso land-race specific to our unique North Valley climate and soils. This will help have stronger plants with less work, meaning more lavender for us all of us to enjoy.

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