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Pinon Soap Bundle

  • Check out our Pinon Soap Bundle.
  • While you are home it's nice to have some comfort.
  • Our Pinon Soap Bundle contains 3 soaps:
  • Sandia Soap Pinon 4 oz. bar.
  • Southwestern Soapworks Pinon Pine 2.5 oz. bar,
  • Los Poblanos Pinon Soap bar 5 oz. bar.
  • Ingredients, & more information are listed below. Please scroll down on this page.
  • From Made In New Mexico. Ships Next Business Day. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Sandia Soap Company

Sandia Soap is the largest natural soap company in New Mexico. The 4 ounce bars are Natural bars made with vegetable oils. The secret formula of the large 4 ounce soap bar is saponified palm kernel, SUSTAINABLE palm , olive and soybean oils. After nine months of testing these oils in combination create a long lasting bar with a beautiful silky texture and lather.  
Ingredients: Pinon: Saponified Palm, Palm Kernel, Olive, Soybean Oils, and New Mexico Pinon Sap.

Southwestern Soapworks

The soaps are hand made in small batches using natural ingredients. Southwestern Soap's use premium butters, oils, traditional and contemporary Southwestern fragrances, herbs and flowers to make our exceptional and luxurious products. The cold processed soaps are rich and creamy, and very nourishing for your skin. PURE VEGETABLE GLYCERIN SOAPS -- Glycerin soaps are traditionally very moisturizing and mild. Ours are exceptionally so! Glycerin is a humectant, which means that it draws moisture to it. Although it is this very property of glycerin that makes it so wonderful for your skin, a bar left open to the air in a steamy bathroom will collect drops of moisture. Our low-sweat formula reduces the stickiness of the soap, while maintaining its rich, moisturizing skin feel.

Los Poblanos Pinon Soap Bar

The Los Poblanos Pinon Soap Bar is made with healing New Mexico pinon resin, scented with Juniper, Cypress and Nutmeg essential oils. Organic lavender farming enables Los Poblanos to further their preservation mission by balancing their rich agricultural history with environmental concerns such as water conservation and soil structure. Los Poblanos uses a steam distillation process right on the farm to extract the essential oil and ensure absolute purity. The oil then goes into the line of artisan products and amenities at Los Poblanos Inn to offer their guests a deeply relaxing experience directly connected to the land itself.


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