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North of the Border Crushed Red Chile OUT OF STOCK

  • North of the Border Crushed Red Chile.
  • Chile flakes are a staple in Southwest recipes, and a great table top condiment.
  • Red Chile crushed into flakes along with the seeds Grown in the Chile Capital of the World, Hatch, New Mexico.
  • Often made into a paste with hot water.
  • Crushed Red Chile or Chile Caribe is a common base for many Chile recipes.
  • If you'd like to crush your own try our Dried Whole Chile Pods.
  • Sprinkle in your sauces for a kick of heat & flavor, especially in spaghetti sauces!
  • We have 2 heat levels for you: Mild & Hot.
  • North of the Border Crushed Red Chile comes in a 3 ounce bag.
  • From Made in New Mexico. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Ships Next Business Day.

Welcome to North Of The Border! North Of The Border is dedicated to the use of Chile in fun and festive ways, both traditionally and creatively. Their products are taste tested by some of the best palates in the Southwest to maintain a consistently superior quality. North of the Border is not just a spice company. Their products are dry mixes and seasonings packaged in a see-through cellophane bag with a festive label with instructions. These are products that one can carry easily to uncivilized places. Every day has a fiesta in it somewhere. So join the party!

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