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Navajo Churro Sheep Potholder

  • Navajo Churro Sheep Potholders from Made in New Mexico.
  • These pot-holders are hand-crafted from Navajo-Churro Sheep Wool.
  • The Navajo-Churro is a breed of domestic sheep.
  • The Churro Sheep originated in Spain.
  • They were obtained by the Navajo, Hopi and other Native American nations in the 1500's.
  • The Navajo-Churro Sheep Potholders are hand-washable and come in sets of two.
  • Each set of Potholders are unique in color and patterning.
  • No artificial dyes are used or added.
  • The natural colors range from black and white through unusual browns, and grays.
  • From Made in New Mexico. Ships Next Business Day. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

The Navajo-Churro, or Churro for short, is a breed of domestic sheep originating with the Spanish Churra sheep obtained by Navajo, Hopi and other Native American nations around the 16th century during the Spanish Conquest. The breed is renowned for its hardiness and adaptability to extremes of climate.

Hand-made of Navajo-Churro wool, each set is unique in color and patterning. Made with only American Navajo-Churro wool (plus hot water and friction), the potholders have a natural elegance coupled with strength. Hand-washable, they are so very textural (touch them!) distinctive and joyous.

The potholders grew from an exciting idea, embracing the goal of giving sheep a job, sheep "paid" to produce a product annually: contributing their wool fiber, enhancing partnerships with people working to ensure endangered, heritage breeds' continued genetics for future agriculture. Minna White began raising sheep in Vermont in 1983, then she discovered Navajo-Churro sheep while working in New Mexico. She eventually relocated to Taos (where fiber is king!). Prior, Minna enjoyed over twenty years working in film and television (PBS’s NOVA science series, IMAX features, HBO) and then the U.S.Peace Corps (Vanuatu in the South Pacific). And, always, enthused about fiber and fabric--- texture and natural colors.

Mini White, "I am so inspired by the incredible landscapes of northern New Mexico and the stunning wool artistry of generations of artists and crafts people who lived and worked and raised sheep here."

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