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Los Poblanos Lavender Hand Sanitizer

  • Please welcome the Los Poblanos Lavender Hand Sanitizer!
  • Los Poblanos absolutely delivers once again!
  • This Lavender Hand Sanitizer not only refreshes hands, but blends own home-grown, home-distilled lavender with a touch of rose water to offer an aromatherapeutic boost.
  • Lavender has been used for thousands of years for its natural healing and antiseptic properties.
  • Los Poblanos's home grown Lavender effortlessly lends itself for use in this sanitizer.
  • Los Poblanos is honored to donate one thousand bottles of Lavender Hand Sanitizer to several local organizations, including community hospitals!
  • Organic lavender farming enables Los Poblanos to further their preservation mission.
  • Los Poblanos Lavender Hand Sanitizer comes in an 8 ounce bottle.
  • Active Ingredient: Ethanol 65%
  • Inactive Ingredients: Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6, Lavendula Angusifolia Oil, Glycerin, Lavendula Hybrida (Grosso) Oil (Certified Organic), Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Hamemelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf Extract.
  • Ships Next Business Day from Made in New Mexico.

Organic lavender farming enables Los Poblanos to further their preservation mission by balancing their rich agricultural history with environmental concerns such as water conservation and soil structure. Los Poblanos uses a steam distillation process right on the farm to extract the essential oil and ensure absolute purity. The oil then goes into the line of artisan products and amenities at Los Poblanos Inn to offer their guests a deeply relaxing experience directly connected to the land itself.

Los Poblanos's dedication to lavender continually expands with more field space and special attention paid to utilizing the historic greenhouse for both year-round food sources and lavender propagation. Their farmers’ focus is on creating a Grosso land-race specific to our unique North Valley climate and soils. This will help have stronger plants with less work, meaning more lavender for us all of us to enjoy.

"Our mission is to preserve the historic Los Poblanos Ranch by cultivating a dynamic business dedicated to sustainable agriculture, hospitality, historic preservation, and community.” – The Rembe Family

Set among 25 acres of lavender fields, enormous cottonwood trees and lush formal gardens, Los Poblanos is one of the most magnificent historic properties in the Southwest. Designed in 1932 by the region’s foremost architect, John Gaw Meem, the “Father of Santa Fe Style”, Los Poblanos combines 20 guest rooms, a working organic farm and the ideal setting for meetings and special events. The natural beauty, comfort and privacy of Los Poblanos offer our guests a truly relaxing environment.

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