Freeze Dried Hatch Green Chile

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  • Pure Hatch Freeze Dried Green Chile from the Fresh Chile Company.
  • No that is not a typo, it is Freeze Dried!
  • Pure Hatch Green Chile is grown and produced locally in southern New Mexico.
  • The Fresh Chile Company is passionate about finding new ways to share their amazing chile.
  • This may be the world's first freeze dried chile!
  • It is straight from the fertile fields of Hatch, New Mexico The Chile Capital of the World.
  • Then it is freeze-dried, perfectly preserving that one-of-a-kind chile flavor that you can only get from Hatch Chile.
  • This freeze dried chile rehydrates in minutes and we guarantee that you will think it was freshly roasted.
  • This is pure Hatch chile, with no preservatives, calcium chloride, or salt to ruin the delicious green chile taste.
  • It's perfect for burgers, pizza, in soups, on eggs, with freeze dried backpacker meals, the Zombie Apocalypse planning and much more!
  • Just add water to rehydrate or add chile directly to soups, sauce, and freeze dried meals.
  • This product is intended to be rehydrated before use. Cook to 165 degrees before consuming.
  • Please dispose of absorber packet before reconstituting, do not eat the absorber packet.
  • The Net Weight of the Freeze dried Chile is .21 ounces.
  • From Made in New Mexico. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Ships Next Business Day.

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For Randy and Carol McMillan Hatch Chile isn’t merely an ingredient in New Mexico, it’s a way of life. For four generations, fresh Hatch green and red chile have been a part of every meal for the McMillan family, with Randy running the kitchen where friends and family still gather weekly for fresh New Mexico hatch chile dishes! The Fresh Hatch Chile recipe started with Randy’s father, Arnold, who loved enchilada sauce so much that he experimented and perfected his recipes over many years of trial and error with his wife, Cheri. Now the recipe is Randy’s, and the McMillan family has become known for creating their fabulous Hatch chile sauces. Randy and his wife Carol started making thousands of jars of sauce for clients and friends as gifts, and after being asked for, even more, the decision was made to expand. The family recipe is now being made in a commercial kitchen, using only the freshest ingredients, including red and green chile from Hatch, New Mexico – the chile capital of the world!

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